Mounds works exclusively with production facilities that have a proven track record when it comes to being
able to guarantee a high standard of quality and reliability of delivery. This allows it to satisfy you, the customer, and to produce the often complex designs supplied by yourself or your designers.
The suppliers have been carefully selected on the basis of 30 years of extensive travel throughout Asia.
Considerations of quality have ultimately led to Moundsí decision not to make the seemingly attractive step
to produce in China, and thus remain loyal to its producers in Thailand, India, Indonesia and Vietnam. As a result, we are also able to guarantee that production will take place in locations where they do not employ
child labour, and with a maximum degree of certainty that they are avoiding the use of raw materials and additives which could be harmful to the health of consumers and factory workers alike.
We are proud to present our partners to you:

Ocean Glass Bangkok
Pt. Tri Margajaya Hutama Jakarta.
Sibaflor Natural Decorations
Freeplus Mind Co., Ltd. Bangkok



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