Sources: Pt. Tri Margajaya Hutama

William Tan Utama is the founder and general director of the company specialising in ceramics, Margajaya Hutama, located on the island of Java, approximately 30 km from Jakarta. The production process distinguishes itself by the fact that lead and cadmium are not used in the paints and that the raw materials are filtered which allows a better quality of white to be achieved which serves as a basis, and which enables the colours painted on top of it to stand out better.
Because the finish lacquering takes place after the decoration (hand-painting) has been applied, the colour combination retains its true quality much longer, even when washed in the dishwasher.
An average of 80 people work in this factory, most of whom are selected for their qualities as craftsmen in the hand-painting field.
Due to the fact that the moulds are produced under the company’s own management, it is simple and relatively economical for the company to manufacture its own models. This also allows it to achieve a relatively high quality relief in the products.



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