Products: Natural decorations

We offer several original product lines, each containing a variety of quality potpourri, perfumed pillows, aroma candles and gift packs.
We are constantly developing new products together with designers specialised in this field. Our key competency is working in concepts.

Besides the natural gift items concept, we also produce decorations for living areas such as sheaves, wreaths, bouquets and much more.

Potpourri and many other dried natural products form the foundation of a broad range of natural decorations.
Due to the diversity in vegetation, we work with many producers in both India and Thailand.
Based on many years of experience, working with the raw materials and an excellent insight into the trends in Europe and the USA has allowed our team of product developers to compile bestselling product propositions. Mounds has intentionally chosen to use exclusively high quality raw materials (no odds and ends, but instead whole product) and fragrances from the best (Dutch) suppliers.
You have a choice from the sets we have developed or products created on the basis of a proposal you have submitted.



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