Sources: Freeplus Mind Co.,Ltd.

Freeplus was founded by Wannee Thearakrit in 1990. The company has two production facilities, both in close proximity to Bangkok.
Wannee’s goal was and still is to incorporate natural products from Thailand into distinctive packaging. In doing so, she works with a team of young, creative designers. This may be seen in the manner in which they work with modern media.
Wannee’s vision and her company mesh seamlessly with that of Mounds and its designers. A collaboration between the two was thus logical.
In addition to being a supplier of natural decorations, Freeplus is also a partner in product development, primarily gift sets. As one of the few suppliers, Mounds is able to assemble basic products from various countries in Southeast Asia to create gift sets.
The basic products come from Thailand (glass and natural decorations), Indonesia (ceramics), Vietnam (bamboo dishes and baskets/chests made from a variety of natural materials) and India (natural decorations). Freeplus handles the assembly, packaging and preparing the shipments for transport in accordance with your specifications.



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